Jacky Lowry at her printing press in her studio.

Jacky Lowry – Australian Artist and Printmaker
Based near Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

Jacky Lowry in her studio at her printing press.Photo credit David Lowry

So what is printmaking?

Printmaking is an artistic process involving many techniques for transferring an image from one surface to another – that is, printing it.  For example, an image is prepared on a printing plate, inked up, and then that image is transferred to another surface, usually paper, and often using a printing press.
Because there is a process that can be repeated, such as inking and printing a plate several times, printmaking is also a method of reproducing images.  These multiple impressions, or multiples from the same printing plate are together known as an edition. Editions are “limited” when only a certain number of impressions are taken off a printing plate. My fine art prints are mostly “limited edition” prints.

Find more printmaking terms here.

So are the prints I make originals?

Yes, in the art world fine art prints are considered to be originals because they are made by the hand of the artist, or supervised by the artist. My fine art prints are produced from plates made by my hand, and all are printed by me. Because the printing plate is inked separately for each impression taken, there are slight differences between prints.
So yes, each print I make is an original. 

This is in contrast to gicleé prints, for example, where an artwork is photographed or scanned, and the digital file produced is then used with a digital printer to make any number of images, all exactly the same. These commercially produced prints are not originals; they are copies, without that element of originality found in each fine art print.

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Jacky Lowry collagraph print with surface roll of real plant material.

Banner image:
Western Australian Peppermint Tree 2, © Jacky Lowry, hand-coloured collagraph with surface roll.
Image size:  28 cm x 17.5 cm.
Frame size: 44.5 cm x 34 cm
Price AUD $315 plus P&P framed

This print is a proof – a one-off, a unique impression.  It is no longer available.

Jacky Lowry hand coloured collagraph print with real plant material.A variable edition of seven prints is still available, some with blue and some with green backgrounds.
AUD $206 plus P&P unframed

Collagraph Printing Plate, with real plant material - Western Australian Peppermint Tree.

Image left: Western Australian Peppermint Tree 2, © Jacky Lowry, collagraph printing plate, varnished and framed without glass.
Image size: 28 cm x 17.5 cm.
Frame Size: 33.5 cm x 23.5 cm
Price: AU$ 250 plus P&P


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