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About Jacky Lowry Printmaker

Jacky Lowry, with collagraph prints art. Art. Printmaking.Jacky Lowry was born in Holland in 1944 and immigrated to Western Australia in 1951.  Art making came late in her life, and was not seriously thought about until 1995.  In the interim Jacky trained as a high school science and biology teacher, graduating in 1965; married a geologist and accompanied him on the Nullarbor, Australia; studied little animals that live in caves for a Masters Degree (1981); raised a family; cruised for a while on a ferro-cement yacht; and lived for a bit in Indonesia, before going to art school in South Australia and Brisbane, Queensland (graduating in 1998 and 1999).  Printmaking and Textiles were her major focus at Art School. 

After much moving from place to place, Jacky has finally settled in Conondale, on the banks of the Mary River near Maleny, Queensland, Australia, and since 2011 has established her studio there. She gives  back to the community through membership of local artists’ groups, including Maleny Printmakers, Peace of Green Artists Collective, Maleny, and Arts Connect Inc., a local Sunshine Coast not-for-profit organisation where she is the Newsletter Editor. 

Jacky Lowry ’s initial interest in science and biology is seen in her artwork, along with the influence of a somewhat feral childhood on the banks of the Canning River, Western Australia.  She is strongly influenced by a love of nature’s subtle tertiary colours, and of the forms, patterns and designs of plants, as manifested by printing with real plants on collagraph printing plates. Other influences are botanical illustrations and textile design. Abstraction is a further interest, which Jacky explores through fragmentation of print editions and then collage.

Jacky is passionate about the printed mark, but until her acquisition of a press in 2004, she initially focused on papermaking, fabric printing and batik. (After all, what is batik but printing with wax?)  Since 2004 Jacky’s main focus has been on printmaking.  Jacky Lowry runs workshops in various forms of printmaking, paper making, and textiles.

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Photo credit above Jennifer Eurell.

Jacky Lowry collagraph print of real sheoak plant. Art. Printmaking.Banner image:
Sheoak with Male Flowers 3, EV 1/8,
© Jacky Lowry, collagraph print on paper.

Image size: 39 cm x 39.5 cm.
Paper size: 54 cm x 58 cm
Price: AUD$ 350 plus P&P unframed

Print EV 3/8 is framed with glass.
Frame size: 59.5 x 59.5 cm;
Price  AUD $590 plus P&P
EV  stands for Edition Variable


Jacky Lowry hand coloured collagraph print of real sheoak plant. Art. Printmaking.Also available, unframed prints EV4/8 – 8/8
Print EV 7/8 has a blue hand-coloured background.
Price AUD$ 350 plus P&P.

Image right: Sheoak with Male Flowers 3, EV 7/8, © Jacky Lowry, hand-coloured collagraph print on paper.




Jacky Lowry collagraph printing plate with real sheoak plant material. Art. Printmaking.Image left:  Sheoak with Male Flowers 3, © Jacky Lowry, collagraph printing plate, varnished and framed without glass.
Image size: 39 cm x 39.5 cm.
Frame size: 59 cm x 59 cm.
Price:  AUD$ 590 plus P&P



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