Ambivalence towards Cotoneaster 2, a collagraph print

Ambivalence: the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone … . 
We’ve all experienced this at some stage, and that’s the way I feel about my latest art work.

Cotoneaster 2 Plate, a collagraph printing plate.

My initial intention when printing Cotoneaster 2 was to get the colour from a surface relief roll, rather than my usual wash of background watercolour. It’s another way to get strong colour on a collagraph print. And I was pleased with the first print, even though it was difficult to apply the colour.

But the second print didn’t come out so well – and I gave up to go back to my usual background painting. But I still really liked the effect of the red surface roll (tomato red is my favourite colour).  So after completing an edition of six prints, I experimented with a dud print to find a way of perhaps salvaging the not quite successful surface roll images. I painted the leaves a pale grey, to give them more definition – not something I would usually do – and the effect is an improvement.

Here you can see the two proofs, and the EV1/6 of the edition.

Cotoneaster 2, Proof 1

Cotoneaster 2, proof 2.

Cotoneaster 2 EV1/6












So this is my ambivalence – I do like the hand-painted edition, but I really, really like the strength of the bright red surface rolls on the proofs. And I regret not having stayed with the surface roll technique long enough to gain more skill and to iron out the difficulties. (These prints are for sale at AUS$50 unframed, plus P&P. Contact me to purchase.)

But not all my chances are blown.  There are another two Cotoneaster plates that I can use to get the strong images I love.  I’ll show you the results when they come in.

Cotoneaster 4 collagraph printing plate

Cotoneaster 4 collagraph printing plate






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