Artist’s statement

Printmaking is my passion; collagraphs, linocut prints and photopolymer etchings are my favourite printmaking techniques.  Nature is my main inspiration. That influence came from the experience of a somewhat feral childhood, lived along the banks of the Canning River, Western Australia. Later came studies in science and biology, resulting in a love of scientific illustrations.  That influence that can also be seen in my artwork.  Add to that a delight in the colours, forms, patterns and designs of plants. That is why I make collagraphs that use real plants in their printing plates. This love of pattern, contrast and abstraction, is also explored through the collaging of fragmented print editions, where the source images are mostly botanical forms. 

Some of my print-based works are unique one-offs, but most are original hand printed limited editions. Because the prints are all individually inked and printed, many with individually hand painted backgrounds, there are slight differences within print editions. Where the edition is intentionally variable (an EV edition), these differences can be quite marked. Each print is an original.

Jacky Lowry viscosity printed collagraph of real plant material.

Banner image:
Palm Fruting Stalk XV , EV2/4, © Jacky Lowry,
Collagraph print on paper, viscosity printed with two colour surface rolls.
Framed behind glass.
Image size: 26.5 cm x 37 cm.
Frame size: 46 cm x 57 cm
Price AUD$ 450 plus P&P


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