Recycled Papermaking Workshops

 My recycled papermaking workshops introduce you to the skill of hand papermaking 

Experience a full day of hands on creative fun

Beginner students making recycled paperPapermaking 101 is suitable for adults and children from age 10 upwards. It is an introduction to the skill of hand papermaking using recycled paper pulp.

Covered are the basics – the preparation and choices of materials for paper pulp making; sheet forming, pressing and drying, and some basic way of embellishing your paper, such as embossing and the addition of inclusions into the vat.  Once you know the basics you can continue to make paper and learn more at home, using the materials you have to hand.  Handmade papermaking lets you recycle, rethink, reuse.

Decorative Recycled paperPapermaking 102 assumes a basic skill level – that you have made paper before and so can take recycled papermaking further than the basics of sheet formation. In this workshop  you will explore many ways of decorating and utilising handmade paper.  And you can be as wildly experimental as you wish.

November 2020 Update.  I’m so sorry.  Papermaking Workshops have unfortunately been postponed for the time being.  We are in drought, and short of water! 

When we get enough rain to raise our water table so that the bore works again, I will be offering papermaking workshops once more.

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