Who would want to leave this place?

Who would want to leave this place?

The view at Jacky Lowry's printmaking and art studio.Decisions, decisions! Will I do what I want to do, or settle into the things that need to be done?

Most days I actually do end up doing what needs to be done –  continuing the preparation of our house for eventual sale, sorting out the stuff that has accumulated after living here for nearly 20 years.  

We knew we would eventually have to leave the farm, but it was always “not just yet”. Who would want to leave this place?  Where would I find such a fabulous studio?

Jacky Lowry's art and printmaker studio.This is what happened to move my focus from doing what I want to do – art related things – to what is needed – getting us ready to leave when we really want to stay.  In January 2019 my husband David was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in one eye, with a prognosis of possible blindness within around six months if the condition could not be treated.

We had always agreed that an inability for David to drive would be a trigger for moving into town. And suddenly it looked as if we might need to be ready to sell within six months. After 20 years of accumulation and neglect, having the the house and farm ready to go on the market in that time frame would be an enormous challenge. 

Kangaroo visitor at Jacky Lowry's art and printmaking studio.At the time I was doing an online art business course – very intensive, and there was no way I could manage that and work on the house.  It was a very difficult decision to ask if I could postpone the course, as I did not know if postponement was possible, or whether I would have to pull out. I did know there would be no refund.  Phew. I could postpone, and now I have until February 2020 to start again. 

In the meantime, David’s eye condition was deemed to be treatable. Further more, the specialist though David might still be driving for another five years! This has reduced the pressure on us to be ready to sell very soon, and David thinks he now has five years to get the property ready.

The Mary River near Jacky Lowry's art and printmaking studio.

But I only have until the end of the year to do my bit – getting the house and garden looking good – I mean better.  And so it is that most days I actually do what is needed instead of the art related things I really want to focus on – like working on my website, which needs finessing and tweaking, or completing my last print, which needs its hand-coloured background, or starting a new print for a group exhibition later in the year. I could also complete an inventory of my art in my Artwork Archive site, although that would be considerably less fun!

 I’m going through stuff, deciding on what goes in the bin, or what goes to the Op Shop, or is given away, or is kept. I’ll keep you updated with progress periodically.

Jacky Lowry' desk in her art and printmaking studio.
Before – Studio desk with surface tidied.
Jacky Lowry' desk in her art and printmaking studio.
After –  a complete sort of the Studio desk.






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